Special A&A Colloquium: Rohan Naidu (MIT)

3:30–4:30 pm ERC 161

Host: Hsiao-Wen Chen

Rohan Naidu (MIT)

About speaker:

I received my PhD in Astronomy, advised by Prof. Charlie Conroy, in May 2022. My thesis was focused on identifying and understanding the immigrant galaxies the Milky Way has assimilated (“Galactic Archaeology”) using the H3 Survey and Gaia satellite. I also work on the origins of the very first galaxies (“Cosmic Dawn”) and how/when they ionized the Universe (“Cosmic Reionization”) with my undergrad adviser Prof. Pascal Oesch. I will be among the first users of the James Webb Space Telescope via two PI and two Co-I Cycle 1 programs. Starting September ‘22, I will move to the the MIT Kavli Institute as a NASA Hubble Fellow.


Rohan Naidu (MIT)

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Feb 14