A&A Colloquium: Samar Safi-Harb (University of Manitoba)

3:30–4:30 pm ERC 161

Host: Vikram Dwarkadas

Samar Safi-Harb (University of Manitoba) "Pulsar Wind Nebulae: Today and the Future"

Pulsar Wind Nebulae are among the most powerful particle accelerators in the Universe. They host magnetized relativistic plasma and jets which are ubiquitous phenomena among many classes of astrophysical objects. Their study also sheds light on the intrinsic properties of their powering engines and their environment. I will provide an overview of Pulsar Wind Nebulae observations, with focus on high-energy studies. Highlights include their diversity and associated engines, their prospects as Galactic PeVatrons, and outstanding puzzles driving future missions.

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Apr 17