Broader Horizons:  Dimitrios Tanoglidis (Senior ML Scientist, Walgreens)

5:00–6:00 pm ERC 401

Dimitrios Tanoglidis, Senior ML Scientist, Walgreens (PhD, A&A 2022)

Data Science is widely considered as the default "fall-back" field for astronomers considering careers in industry. Furthermore, it is often considered synonymous with anything involving Machine Learning. After a brief introduction, related to my own experience interviewing and transitioning to an industry position, I will discuss how I see the evolution of the (mature) job market in the broader data and ML space. I will briefly discuss the different available roles, such as Data Scientist, ML Engineer, Applied Scientist, and ML Researcher (skills, companies, compensation levels). I will furthermore discuss ways to prepare for such positions (widely informed by my own mistakes), including very specific interview prep tips, such as getting internships, referrals, coding preparation, system design, ML concepts.

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May 23