Course Syllabi

Undergraduate Courses

PHSC 12600 Matter, Energy, Space and Time                 Syllabus
PHSC 12610 Black Holes Syllabus
PHSC 12620 The Big Bang Syllabus
PHSC 12700 Stars Syllabus
PHSC 12710 Galaxies Syllabus
PHSC 12720 Exoplanets Syllabus

Major Program

ASTR 13300 Introduction to Astrophysics Syllabus
ASTR 21100 Computational Techniques in Astrophysics Syllabus
ASTR 21200 Observational Techniques in Astrophysics
ASTR 29800 Undergraduate Research Seminar
ASTR 25400 Radiation Processes Syllabus
ASTR 23900 The Physics of Galaxies Syllabus
ASTR 24100 The Physics of Stars Syllabus
ASTR 24300 Cosmological Physics Syllabus
ASTR 25800 Astrophysics of Exoplanets Syllabus

Graduate Courses

Core Course Outlines

ASTR 30100 Stars                                                         
ASTR 30300 Interstellar Matter
ASTR 30400 Galaxies Syllabus
ASTR 30600 Detection of Radiation
ASTR 31000 Cosmology I Syllabus
ASTR 31100 High Energy Astrophysics Syllabus
ASTR 35000 Order-of-Magnitude Astrophysics Syllabus

Elective Courses (Graduate and Undergraduate)

ASTR-PHSC 18000 The Search for Extraterrestrial Life Syllabus
ASTR-PHSC 18200 Origin and Evolution of the Universe Syllabus
ASTR 18700 From Fossils to the Fermi Paradox Syllabus
ASTR 18800 Philosophical Problems in Cosmology Syllabus
ASTR 18900 Mapping the Heavens Syllabus
ASTR 21400 Creative Machines and Innovative Instrumentation
ASTR 25000 Order-of-Magnitude Astrophysics Syllabus
ASTR 28500 Science with Large Astronomical Surveys Syllabus
ASTR 40200 Particle Astrophysics
ASTR 40600 Gravitational Lensing
ASTR 40800 The Perturbed Universe