Rostom Mbarek

Graduate Student


Interests: High-Energy Astrophysics:

I study particle acceleration on an extended separation of scales to solve a set of problems relevant for Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Ray, neutrino, and gamma ray production. I have been mostly working on honing and testing original theories for particle acceleration, i.e. espresso and relativistic asymmetric reconnection.

In my work, I use MHD and PIC codes to simulate the astrophysical environments where acceleration occurs. 

I also have extensive experience in experimental physics relevant for scientific ballooning. I have been part of the HELIX collaboration ( designing thermal solutions for the Ring Imaging Cherenkov detector and the Science Flight Computer among many other tasks. HELIX is a balloon-borne experiment designed to measure the chemical and isotopic abundances of light cosmic ray nuclei. It is projected to launch in April 2022 from Sweden.

Selected Publications