KICP seminar: Gonzalo Herrera Moreno (Virginia Tech)

11:00 am–12:00 pm ERC 401

Host: Ariane Dekker

Gonzalo Herrera Moreno (Virginia Tech) "Boosted dark matter and attenuated cosmic rays around black holes"

There is evidence for cosmic ray acceleration in the vicinity of some supermassive black holes, where the density of dark matter particles is expected to be very large. Cosmic rays may scatter with the dark matter in these environments, yielding a flux of boosted dark matter particles directly detectable on Earth. Furthermore, cosmic rays may cool too fast via interactions with dark matter, suppressing the emission of high-energy neutrino and gamma-ray observable on Earth. We show that these phenomenological probes allow to constrain new parameter space of light dark matter particles, probing well motivated thermal and non-thermal targets. We further discuss the scatterings of cosmic rays with the cosmic neutrino background in these sources, which allows to set world-leading constraints on the relic neutrino overdensity in a galaxy.

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Mar 21