2024-QUANT: Quantum Universe Workshop

2024-QUANT | Quantum Universe Workshop | March 26-28, 2024

Through March 28, 2024 ERC 401

2024-QUANT: Quantum Universe Workshop

March 26-28, 2024


This will be a small, focused, and hands-on workshop on quantum aspects of de Sitter space from March 26-28 at the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics (KICP) at the University of Chicago in Chicago.

This event will involve international researchers working on different quantum aspects of de Sitter. The goal of the event is to generate meaningful connections among the different approaches, especially between quantum gravity ideas based on holography and quantum information, and perturbative results from quantum fields on curved spacetime. Concretely, we aim to establish a common dictionary that smoothly translates results and intuition between the global and local perspectives. We also aim to develop and broaden the set of cosmological observables/calculables relevant to the problem.

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Mar 26