Past Events


DGSCS 2024: "Dwarf Galaxies, Star Clusters, and Streams in the LSST Era" Workshop

Through July 11, 2024

This workshop aims to convene a small group of researchers interested in dwarf galaxies, star clusters, and streams.

Jul 8

Open Group Seminar: Nick Choustikov (Oxford University)

2:00–3:00 pm ERC 419

Nick Choustikov (Oxford University) “Inferring the ionizing photon contributions of high-redshift galaxies to reionization”

Jun 17

2024-ARENA | 10th International Workshop on Acoustic and Radio EeV Neutrino Detection Activities

Through June 14, 2024 ERC 161

The 10th International Workshop on Acoustic and Radio EeV Neutrino Detection Activities (ARENA 2024) will be held at the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics (KICP) of the University of Chicago June 11-14, 2024.

Jun 11

KICP-20 "Cosmology past, present, and future"

Through June 8, 2024 ERC 161 and Atrium

A conference to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the KICP

Jun 6

Open Group Seminar: Doyeon Kim (Columbia University)

4:00–5:00 pm ERC 517

Doyeon (Avery) Kim (Columbia University)

Jun 3

Open Group Seminar: Santi Agüí Salcedo (University of Cambridge)

12:30–1:30 pm ERC 401

Santi Agüí Salcedo (University of Cambridge) “The Cosmological Tree Theorem”

May 31

A&A Colloquium: Gerry Gilmore and Gudrun Tausch-Pebody

3:30–4:30 pm

Gerry Gilmore and Gudrun Tausch-Pebody “Early light-bending tests of General Relativity”

May 29

Brinson Lecture 2023-2024: Gerry Gilmore (University of Cambridge)

6:00–7:30 pm Venue SIX10, 610 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60605

Gerard Gilmore (University of Cambridge)

May 28

Honors Thesis Presentations: Riley Rosener, Rohan Gupta, Kyla Mullaney, Jonah Medoff, Laine Hirn, and Audrey Scott

1:30–4:30 pm ERC 401

Riley Rosener “On the Detectability of Emission from Exoplanet Outflows”;
Rohan Gupta “Wavelength Calibration of the Extreme Precision Radial Velocity Spectrograph MAROON-X using a Laser Frequency Comb and a Fabry-Perot etalon”;
Kyla Mullaney “Simulating the Evolution of Sub-Neptune Planets Including Both Photo-evaporation and Magma-Atmosphere Hydrogen Exchange”;
Jonah Medoff “Searching for Dwarf Galaxy Satellites of NGC 55 with the DELVE-DEEP Survey”;
Laine Hirn “Characterizing the Turbulent Circumgalactic Gas Using Integral Field Spectroscopy”;
Audrey Scott “Characterization of Optical Coupling for polarization-sensitive mm-Wave Line Intensity Mapping Spectrometers”

May 24

Honors Thesis Presentations: Megan Zhao

10:30–11:00 am ERC 401

Megan Zhao “Convolutional Neural Network for Type Ia Supernova Distance Estimation”

May 24