Alumni, 1995

Jessie L. Dotson (PhD) | Thesis: "Polarization of the Far-Infrared Emission From M17" | Advisor: Roger Hildebrand
John F. Kartje (PhD) | Thesis: "Models Of The Continuum PolarIzation In Active Galactic Nuclei" | Advisor: Arieh Konigl
James T. Lauroesch (PhD) | Thesis: "Abundances in 8 QSO Absorption Line Systems" | Advisor: Donald G. York
Thomas J. Loredo (PhD) | Thesis: "From Laplace to Supernova Sn 1987a: Bayesian Inference in Astrophysics" | Advisor: Donald Q. Lamb
Bernard J. Rauscher (PhD) | Thesis: "Near Infrared Surface Photometry and Morphology in Virgo Cluster Spiral Galaxy Nuclear Regions" | Advisor: Doyal Harper
Richard F. Rees (PhD) | Thesis: "Dynamical Modeling and Astrometric Distances to Galactic Globular Clusters" | Advisor: Kyle Cudworth