A&A Colloquium: Dimitar Sasselov (Harvard)

3:30–4:30 pm ERC 161

Exoplanet Ocean Water-Worlds: How salty?

In our quest to understand the formation, demographics, and evolution of
small planets (Earth-size to super-Earth-size), we need to understand water-rich exoplanets
and know how to distinguish them observationally. This talk will touch on some current
issues in modeling ocean water-worlds.

Oct 27

KICP Seminar: Arianna Long (UC Irvine)

12:00–1:00 pm ERC 401

Arianna Long (UC Irvine) “Missing Giants: The First Massive Galaxies Are Dust-Obscured”

Oct 28

KICP Cosmology Lunch (Funch)

12:00–1:00 pm ERC 401

Please join us for an informal lunch discussion, led by KICP fellows, of recent news and papers in cosmology. Topics range from experiment and observations to theory in all areas of KICP science.

Oct 29
Dec 1