The Universe Beyond Our Milky Way Galaxy

This science theme encompasses questions about the history of the Universe, explored by theorists, experimentalists and observers in the areas of cosmology, galactic astronomy and astrophysics, and extragalactic astronomy and astrophysics.

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Brad Benson
John Carlstrom
Chihway Chang
Clarence Chang
Hsiao-Wen Chen
Alex Drlica-Wagner
Wendy Freedman
Josh Frieman
Michael Gladders
Nick Gnedin
Al Harper
Craig Hogan

Daniel Holz
Dan Hooper
Wayne Hu
Rocky Kolb
Andrey Kravtsov
Rich Kron
Steve Meyer
Angela Olinto
Don York
Irina Zhuravleva

Tom Crawford
Brian Nord
Richard Kessler

Dark Energy Survey (DES)
Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT)
Vera Rubin Observatory
Magellan telescopes (MT)
South Pole Telecope (SPT)