Events: Workshops

KICP workshop: 2022 Gaia DR3 Chicago Sprint

Through June 15, 2022 ERC 401

The 2022 Gaia DR3 Chicago Sprint is a 3-day regional workshop to kickstart projects using data from the Gaia satellite’s third data release (DR3). Gaia DR3 will provide large numbers of low- and medium-resolution spectra, radial velocities, stellar parameters, variable stars, solar system sources, non-single stars, quasar host galaxies, and time-series photometry around the Andromeda galaxy.

Jun 13

Summer School on CMB Detectors and Instrumentation

Through August 12, 2022 ERC 401

This 1-week “hands-on” summer school is designed to provide the participants with working knowledge of the detectors and instrumentation used to detect the tiny temperature and polarization anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background (CMB).

Aug 8