Alumni, 1997

Mark R. Chun (PhD) | Thesis: "A Wavefront Reconstructor and Control Computer for the University of Chicago Adaptive Optics System" | Advisor: Richard Kron
Charles D. Dowell (PhD) | Thesis: "Far-Infrared Polarization by Absorption in the Molecular Cloud Sagittarius B2" | Advisor: Roger Hildebrand
Todd L. Duncan (PhD) | Thesis: "The Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Source of Irreversibility in Classical Statistical Mechanics" | Advisor: Noel Swerdlow
Peter E. Freeman (PhD) | Thesis: "Resonant Cyclotron Radiation Transfer Model fits to Spectra from Gamma-Ray Burst Gb870303" | Advisor: Donald Lamb
David A. Schleuning (PhD) | Thesis: "Far-Infrared and Submillimeter Polarization of Omc-1 Evidence for Magnetically Regulated Star Formation" | Advisor: Roger Hildebrand
John J. Smetanka (PhD) | Thesis: "A Color-Selected Spectroscopic Survey of Blue Galaxies To J = 22.I. Data and Spectroscopic Properties" | Advisor: Richard Kron
Katsuyo S. Thornton (PhD) | Thesis: "Energy Input and Mass Redistribution by Supernovae in the Interstellar Medium" | Advisor: James Truran
Daniel E. Vanden Berk (PhD) | Thesis: "Clustering Properties of Low-Redshift QSO Absorption Line Systems Towards the Galactic Poles" | Advisor: Donald G. York