Alumni, 2000

Jeffrey B. Jewell (PhD) | Thesis: "Applications of Random Field Models to the Analysis of the Cosmic Microwave Background" | Advisor: Michael Turner
Michael E. Joffre (PhD) | Thesis: "Comparison of Weak Gravitational Lensing to X-Ray Beta Models in Three Nearby Clusters" | Advisor: Joshua Frieman
Lucia Munoz-Franco (PhD) | Thesis: "The Effect of Mass Accretion Rate on the Burst Oscillations in 4U 1728-34" | Advisor: Angela Olinto
Luisa M. Rebull (PhD) | Thesis: "Rotation of Young Low-Mass Stars in the Orion Nebula Cluster Flanking Fields" | Advisor: Douglas Duncan
Daniel E. Reichart (PhD) | Thesis: "The Gamma-Ray Burst/Supernova Connection, a Distance Estimator for GRBs, and Modeling GRB Afterglows" | Advisor: Donald Lamb
Gordon T. Richards (PhD) | Thesis: "Intrinsic Absorption Lines in Radio-Selected Quasars" | Advisor: Donald G. York
Scott A. Severson (PhD) | Thesis: "Death of a Comet: SPIREX Observations of the Collision of SL9 with Jupiter" | Advisor: Donald G. York
Aparna Venkatesan (PhD) | Thesis: "The Optical Depth to Reionization as a Probe of Cosmological and Astrophysical Parameters" | Advisor: Angela Olinto
Yuan-Nan Young (PhD) | Thesis: "Numerical Studies of Double-Diffusive Convection and Miscible Rayleigh-Taylor Instability" | Advisor: Robert Rosner
Michael A. Zingale (PhD) | Thesis: "Helium Detonations on Neutron Stars" | Advisor: James Truran