Alumni, 2011

Matthew Bayliss (PhD) | Assistant Prof, U Cincinnati | "Broadband Photometry of 105 Giant Arcs: Redshift Distribution Constraints and Implications for Giant Arc Statistics" | Advisor: Michael Gladders
Jean-Rene Gauthier (PhD) | Sr Principal Product Data Scientist, Oracle | Thesis: "A Comprehensive Study of the Cool Gas Content of Massive Dark Matter Halos" | Advisor: Hsiao-Wen Chen
Megan Gralla (PhD) | Senior Research Associate, Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory | Thesis: "Radio Sources in Galaxy Clusters" | Advisor: Michael Gladders
Elizabeth Hicks (PhD) | scientist & founder, Epsilon Delta Labs | Thesis: "Rayleigh-Taylor Unstable Flames: the Competition between Burning, Gravity and Self-Generated Flow" | Advisor: Robert Rosner
Reid Sherman (PhD) | Climate Adaptation Lead, UCGCRP | Thesis: "Investigation of Molecular Cloud Structure around Infrared Bubbles: CARMA Observations of N14, N22, and N74" | Advisor: Doyal Harper