Alumni, 2015

Louis Abramson (PhD) | Carnegie-Princeton | Thesis: "Assessing and Understanding Diversity in Galaxy Star Formation Histories" | Advisor: Michael Gladders
Benedikt Diemer (PhD) | Assistant Professor, University of Maryland | Thesis: "On the (non-)Universality of Halo Density Profiles." | Advisor: Andrey Kravtsov
Ke Fang (PhD) | Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison | Thesis: "Newborn Pulsars as Highest-Energy Cosmic Accelerators" | Advisor: Angela Olinto
Jennifer Helsby (PhD) | Principal Research Engineer, Freedom of the Press Foundation | Thesis: "Clustering-based redshifts for the Dark Energy Survey" | Advisor: Joshua Frieman
Vivian Miranda (PhD) | Assistant Professor, Stony Brook University | Thesis: "Probing Inflation with the Cosmic Microwave Background." | Advisor: Wayne Hu