Alumni, 2017

Megan Bedell (PhD) | Associate Research Scientist, Flatiron Institute | Thesis: "Illuminating the Origins of Planets with Solar Twins" | Advisor: Jacob Bean
Hsin-Yu Chen (PhD) | NHFP Einstein Fellow, MIT | Thesis: "Multi-messenger Astronomy with Advanced LIGO-Virgo" | Advisor: Dan Holz
Michael Florian (PhD) | Postdoctoral Associate, Steward Observatory | Thesis: "Measurements of Morphology in Strongly Lensed Galaxies in the Image Plane" | Advisor: Michael Gladders
Dylan Hatt (PhD) | Thesis: "On the Population II Distance Scale: The Tip of the Red Giant Branch Distances to Local Galaxies" | Advisor: Richard Kron
Alessandro Manzotti (PhD) | Research Scientist II, Amazon, Itlay | Thesis: "Unveiling the Early Universe: Delensing the Cosmic Microwave Background with Galaxy Surveys" | Advisor: Scott Dodelson
Sean Mills (PhD) | Researcher, Theorem | Thesis: "Detecting and Interpreting the Dynamical Evolution of Transiting Multiplanet Systems" | Advisor: Daniel Fabrycky
Laura Mocanu (PhD) | Signal Processing Developer, Weibel Scientific | Thesis: "Measuring the CMB Gravitational Lensing Potential and its Power Spectrum with SPTpol" | Advisor: John Carlstrom