Alumni, 2018

Zubair Abdulla (PhD) | Postdoctoral researcher, JPL, NASA | Thesis: "Sunyaev Zel'dovich Effect Observations of X-ray Cavities in Galaxy Clusters" | Advisor: John Carlstrom
Ross Cawthon (PhD) | Research Associate, University of Wisconsin-Madison | Thesis: "Effects of Redshift Uncertainty on Cross-Correlations of CMB Lensing and Galaxy Surveys" | Advisor: Joshua Frieman
Cameron Jia Liang (PhD) | Research Staff Member, IDA : Institute for Defense Analyses | Thesis : "Multiphase Gaseous Halos around Galaxies" | Scientific Advisor : Andrey Kravtsov
Ian Remming (PhD) | Thesis: "The Propagation of Flame Fronts Through Inhomogeneously Magnetized Plasma" | Advisor: Fausto Cattaneo, Alexei M. Khokhlov