Daniele Rogantini

Margaret Burbidge Prize Postdoctoral Fellow

Daniele Rogantini
ERC 525


Daniele Rogantini is an X-ray astronomer. He uses high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy to study accretion disc winds, outflows, and emitting plasmas in AGN, X-ray binaries and transients (e.g. GRBs, TDEs). During his PhD, he built new X-ray extinction models based on laboratory measurements to probe the properties of cosmic dust and ISM. Daniele is a member of the XRISM Science Team. He will use his recently developed time-dependent photoionisation model to constrain the impact of AGN winds on their host galaxies. Besides X-rays, Daniele loves exploring the world vertically, climbing (rock, ice, plastic) walls and getting lost in high mountains. He recently got his scuba diving certificate.