Giulia Giannini

Postdoctoral Scholar

Giulia Giannini
ERC 479


PhD, High Energy Physics Institute (IFAE) of Barcelona, 2022

I am a postdoctoral researcher working with Prof. Chihway Chang and Prof. Josh Frieman. I am heavily involved in the Dark Energy Survey (DES) collaboration, studying large scale structure using weak gravitational lensing. In particular, during my PhD I have been focusing in calibrating the redshift distributions of both the background and foreground galaxy samples used for the weak lensing analysis of the first three years of DES data. I furthermore studied the impact the new redshift calibration techniques have on the cosmological constraints. Currently, I am focusing on the redshift calibration of the galaxy samples for the upcoming DES analysis, as leader of the Large Scale Structure Redshifts analysis team, and I am also working on the galaxy-galaxy lensing measurements.