Joshua A. Frieman

Head, Particle Physics Division, Fermilab

Joshua A. Frieman
ERC 453
(773) 702-7971


PhD, University of Chicago, 1985

Research Fields

  • Cosmology
  • Large-scale structure
  • Dark energy

Research Groups

  • Joint Dark Energy Survey-South Pole Telescope Group (Leader)

Scientific Projects



Frieman's primary research is in theoretical and observational cosmology, especially dark energy, large-scale structure, the early universe, and the interplay between cosmology, particle physics, and astrophysics. Current and recent research projects include: the analysis of the SDSS-II Supernova Survey, which discovered 500 spectroscopically confirmed type Ia supernovae, and which led to improved constraints on dark energy and better understanding of SNe Ia as cosmological distance indicators; analysis and modeling of large-scale structure in galaxy surveys such as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey; the use of weak gravitational lensing observations to probe the distribution of mass on galaxy and cluster scales. He is the former Director of the Dark Energy Survey, a collaboration of 120 scientist from 3 continents, which is deploying a 570-megapixel camera on the Blanco 4-meter telescope at CTIO to carry out a wide-field servey to probe Dark Energy and the origin of cosmic acceleration. Frieman is a member of the Theoretical Astrophysics group at Fermilab, which has close connections with the cosmologists and theoretical astrophysicists at Chicago.

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