KICP Seminar: Pranava Teja Surukuchi (Yale university)

Pranava Teja Surukuchi, Yale university, "Direct Measurement of Neutrino Mass with the Project"

12:00–1:00 pm Zoom

Pranava Teja Surukuchi, Yale university, " Direct Measurement of Neutrino Mass with the Project "

Project 8 experiment is designed to directly measure the electron-weighted neutrino mass using the novel technique called Cyclotron Radiation Emission Spectroscopy (CRES). Using the cyclotron frequency of the beta decay electrons as a proxy for kinetic energy, the experiment aims to measure the endpoint spectrum of tritium beta-decay electrons trapped in a 1T magnetic field to reach a mass sensitivity of 40 meV/c2. Following the successful demonstration of CRES with waveguides, the upcoming Phase III of Project 8 will demonstrate CRES in free space by utilizing a larger volume instrumented with antennas paving the way for the final phase of the experiment. This talk will give a brief overview of the Project 8 experimental program highlighting the current efforts towards demonstration of CRES in free space.

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Feb 25