KICP Seminar: Mikhail Ivanov (NYU Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics)

12:00–1:00 pm Zoom

Mikhail Ivanov (NYU Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics), "Fundamental Cosmology from Galaxy Clustering"

Recent advances in large-scale structure (LSS) theory have opened up new avenues for probing fundamental physics with the cosmic web. Future galaxy surveys will soon map the Universe with unprecedented sub-percent precision. I will present tools that can be used to explore LSS at this precision frontier and to capture information which is not accessible with conventional techniques. I will outline a program of extracting cosmological information from the shape of the galaxy power spectra and bispectra. Then I will share the results of my independent analysis of the public data from the Baryon acoustic Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey. These results include the first-ever measurements of fundamental cosmological parameters—including the Hubble constant — from the galaxy power spectrum shape. Finally, I will present a realistic parameter constraint forecast for the upcoming surveys and discuss future research directions.

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Apr 8