A&A Colloquium: Erik Shirokoff (UChicago)

3:30–4:30 pm ERC 161

New instruments for mm-wavelength line intensity mapping

Line intensity mapping uses the spectral lines from atoms and molecules in unresolved galaxies to build a 3D map of the high redshift universe. It will complement and extend studies of large scale structure and future CMB instruments. It will also provide a unique window into the history of star formation from the epoch of reionization to the period of peak star formation. To realize these goals, a new class of instrument is required: integral field unit spectrometers with hundreds to thousands of densely packed spectroscopic pixels. I'll discuss the progress toward this goal, including the near-future pathfinder instruments SuperSpec and SPT-SLIM, as well as new approaches to extend on-chip spectroscopy to higher resolving powers and higher frequencies.

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Colloquia, Lectures, Talks

Nov 10