KICP workshop: “The quest for precision gravitational wave cosmology”

Through September 23, 2022 Chicago


Organizing Committee: Jose Ezquiaga, Daniel Holz

In the wake of the first three gravitational wave observing runs, standard siren cosmology has now become a reality. A diversity of approaches and measurements have emerged, including bright siren constraints from the multi-messenger event GW170817, dark siren cosmological inference correlating GW events with galaxy catalogs, and bounds from spectral sirens incorporating GW source distributions. The most exciting discoveries are yet to come, as GW detector horizons expand to higher redshifts, catalogs increase in size, and new types of GW sources emerge. Now is the time to delineate the role of GW data in the future of cosmology.

This workshop will bring together experts in the field of GW cosmology to discuss and prepare for the next challenges in our quest for precision GW cosmology. The workshop will be dynamic and discussion driven. Ample time for collaboration and self-organized discussions will be provided.

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Sep 19