Astro Tuesday

12:00–1:00 pm

We will start on Tue Sept 27. The first half hour will be devoted to introductions, starting with our students and postdocs. Each person will have 1-2 minutes to say a quick word about themselves, maybe talk about their work, tell an Astro joke, or an interesting fact or (short) story.

In the second half we will have a 30 minute talk (25+5 mins for discussion). Please sign up to give a talk. You can talk about your research, but discussions on other pertinent topics are also welcome. We solicit talks from students, postdocs and faculty, as well as visitors, in the department, KICP, Argonne and Fermilab.

If you have visitors to the department who would like to give a 30 minute talk, we would welcome them. Please do let us know so we can schedule them. Last year, we had many talks but have not had much time for discussion. Therefore we are also happy to entertain requests for variations on our usual format. If you would like to give a talk followed by a more lengthy discussion on some suitable topic please sign up and let us know. If 3 or more people want to give short talks on a single topic, followed by discussion, that would be fun. We are open to any format that will result in getting more department folks involved in talks as well as discussion.

We look forward to wonderful talks and a quarter full of discussion and debate, cheers,

Vikram Dwarkadas, Dan Hooper, Austin Joyce, Jeff McMahon, Erik Shirokoff

(Astro Tuesday Lunch committee)

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Sep 27