KICP colloquium:  Mustafa Amin (Rice)

3:30–4:30 pm ERC 161

Host: Rocky Kolb

Mustafa Amin (Rice)  "A Spin on Wave Dark Matter"

Can we learn about the intrinsic spin of dark matter from astrophysical observations? With this question in mind, I will talk about new phenomenology of light vector dark matter, especially focussing on its nonlinear wave dynamics. The main results will include (i) a new class of polarized vector solitons, (ii) interference patterns, and (iii) intrinsic spin dynamics. These effects lead to signals in astrophysics and direct detection that can potentially distinguish vector dark matter from their scalar counterpart via substructure in halos, lensing, electromagnetic signatures and gravitational waves. Time-permitting, I will discuss formation mechanisms for vector dark matter (and solitons) and a related lower bound on the mass of dark matter.

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Oct 5