RockyFest: The Adventures of Rocky and Friends

RockyFest: The Adventures of Rocky and Friends | March 18-19, 2023 | UChicago

Through March 19, 2023 ERC: 401, 501, 161

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This meeting is intended to honor and celebrate Prof Edward (Rocky) Kolb for his myriad research accomplishments and his role as a mentor to a generation of young physicists. Rocky's work on the inner space / outer space interface has touched on foundational questions including:

  • Why is the Universe full of stuff?

  • Why is some of the stuff invisible?

  • How invisible is it, really?

  • Why is all the stuff trying to get away from the other stuff?

  • And of course, why do Python plots look so much better than Mathematica plots?

The meeting brings together people that have passed through Rocky's orbit, including colleagues and collaborators, students and suck-ups, advocates and apostles, not to mention disciples, devotees and Padawans. Rivals and ridiculers are not welcome, at least not before lunch. Sycophants eat for free.

Speakers are invited to give presentations on a science topic of their choosing. This is not a Rocky-fest (nor a Rocky-roast!). We look forward to hearing about your recent research activities and what excites you. Please join us for "The Adventures of Rocky and Friends."

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