CANCELED - KICP Colloquium:  Manuela Campanelli (Rochester Institute of Technology)

3:30–4:30 pm ERC 161

Manuela Campanelli (Rochester Institute of Technology) "Numerical Relativity, Gravitational Waves and Astrophysics"

Gravitational wave observations have heralded a new era in astronomy, where data from electromagnetic and neutrino observations are integrated to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the universe. This multi-messenger approach promises to revolutionize our knowledge by offering contrasting perspectives on the same objects. To fully comprehend this wealth of new observational evidence, theoretical calculations of general relativistic sources are crucial in linking the data with the underlying physics. Exciting advancements and key challenges lie ahead in the fields of numerical relativity and computational astrophysics, as we strive to handle a wider range of physical treatments, characteristic scales, and levels of complexity. In this presentation, I will share the results of our most advanced simulations of compact binary mergers. By accurately modeling these phenomena, we can gain insights into the plasma physics and astrophysical environments of neutron star and black hole systems. Moreover, we are developing some of the most advanced computational frameworks to simulate supermassive binary black hole systems, providing valuable information for observers studying galactic centers and aiding in the search for rare events accompanied by gravitational wave emissions.

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Nov 8