KICP seminar: Clara Vergès (Harvard & Smithsonian)

11:00 am–12:00 pm ERC 401

Clara Vergès (Harvard & Smithsonian) "Cosmology with BICEP/Keck, from inflation to cosmic birefringence"

The BICEP/Keck series of experiment is an array of Cosmic Microwave Background polarisation telescopes located at the South Pole. They are specifically designed to target the signal of primordial gravitational waves from inflation, the elusive primordial B-modes. I will give an overview of the BK program and its most recent results on inflation constraints. I will in particular focus on the crucial control of instrumental and astrophysical biases. I will also present recent developments in using BICEP3 data to constrain cosmic birefringence, a manifestation of parity violations in the electromagnetic interaction.

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Feb 1