“2020 LAD Laboratory Astrophysics Prize Goes to James Truran”, AAS News

January 22, 2020

Dear All,

Please join me in congratulating Jim Truran, Professor Emeritus with the Department
of Astronomy and Astrophysics, on receiving the 2020 Laboratory Astrophysics Prize
of the AAS Laboratory Astrophysics Division (LAD).

The prize is given in recognition of Jim’s theoretical work on early star formation
and the nucleosynthesis history of the universe, as well as for his seminal
contributions to the study of astrophysical thermonuclear explosions,
nucleosynthesis, and the use of nuclear-decay chronometers to determine ages of
stellar and terrestrial matter.

The Laboratory Astrophysics Prize is LAD’s highest honor. 

Congratulations Jim! 

John Carlstrom,
Department Chair and Subramanyan
Chandrasekhar Distinguished Service Professor

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