Aster Taylor receives prestigious Hertz Fellowship

May 24, 2023

Aster Taylor (BS, Astrophysics, 2023)

Aster Taylor (BS, Astrophysics, 2023) is one of 15 Hertz Fellows selected for this honor, which is awarded to doctoral students who have the "extraordinary creativity necessary to tackle problems others can’t solve."

Aster is interested in exploring the composition of dark comets in the solar system and the origins of interstellar bodies. Their research interests include the dynamics of minor bodies, including interstellar objects, plasma flows in stars and protoplanetary disks, and fluid flow in both planetary atmospheres and Earth's oceans. Aster has already made significant contributions to research into the material properties of the interstellar object 1I/`Oumuamua and contributed to the discovery of the dark comets in the solar system. They are joining the University of Michigan as a graduate student this summer.

Congratulations, Aster!

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